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By Mike Swanger
Lakeville, Ohio Thursday, July 4, 2002

With nine Triple Crown races in the books, Wooster's Charlie Duncan had been in the top five in five of those events but was still looking for his first win in the series. That all changed after 50 laps of racing Thursday night as Duncan led all the way from the outside front row to pocket the $3,500 winners share and the Eddie's Sunoco trophy. Pole sitter Jason Flory kept pace with the Leroy's Place, Stoneman, and Jerry Snyder sponsored #17 of Duncan's until lap 33 when Matt Aber took over second and put heavy pressure on Duncan. On a lap 48 restart after a caution, Aber spun but held second when it was ruled that the green flag had not waved, but could not make a run to get by Duncan. Flory held off fast qualifier and 2 time winner of the TCS, Ryan Markham for third as Randy Scott recorded his first TCS top five. Second fast qualifier Rick Bond had a short night when the drive shaft broke on lap nine and Keith Berner, the last chance winner, was running third when mechanical woes short-circuited his night on lap 13. Doug Drown made the biggest move of the race as the 2 time winner of the TCS started 17th and finished seventh and Dave Hornikel reached into the top five for a couple of laps before finishing sixth. J.R. Gentry was running a strong fifth at the halfway mark before fading to 11th. Goodyear Tire points leader Allan Baker had a very short night as he only ran three laps before pitting the #19. By being the fastest qualifier, Markham drew the number 7 for the inversion of the feature as he and Bond was locked into the feature by being the two fastest of the 30 car field. Heat winners were Mark Uhler, Allan Baker, and Randy Scott.
It took Creston's Ed Carpenter less than a lap to go from third to first and then hold off the challenges of points leader Craig Fry to notch his second Pitt-Stop Exhaust cruiser win of the season aboard the W.B. Fabrication and Brannon Excavating #9. Brad Fields crossed the finish line third as Barry Spreng came from starting 10th to claim fourth while Ed Brenneman filled out the top five. Jud Dickerson, Fry, and Carpenter toped the heats.
Wooster's Don Shifflet also went third to first on the first lap of the Jerry's Auto Sales mini-stock expert feature but Roger Rush Sr. never let him get more than a car length away as Rush was able to lead laps 5 and 6 before Shifflet regained the lead and park the #35 into the Coors Light/ Sobe victory circle for the first time. Fourteenth starting Sean Rush rushed to take third as Todd Stitzlein cruised into fourth as Henry Britton rounded out the top five from his 18th starting spot. Top points man Dale Beckett finished 8th as Mark Adkins and Shifflet chalked up the heat wins.
Glenn Elliott Jr. led the opening three laps of the mini-stock novice main but then was passed by Zero Walter. He would set the pace for the next four laps before Shreve's Steve Miller would take over and go on to take the checkered flag for his initial win in the Vaughn & Mumaw #11. Point leader Dan Drown finished second followed by Elliott, Jimmy Hites, and Brad Hensel. Walter was second but was Dq'ed for not stopping for inspection after the race. Roger Rush Jr., Walter, and Jeremy White, who's car was claimed, scored the heat wins as Jeremy Ellis captured the last chance win.
Action returns to Lakeville Speedway Friday, July 12th with the late models, sportsman, cruisers, and mini-stocks all in action at 7:30 p.m.

Thursday, July 4, 2002
HEAT 1 Mark Uhler, Charlie Duncan, Wayne Maffett Jr., Doug Drown
HEAT 2 Allan Baker, Tom Baker, Blaine Aber, Jason Flory
HEAT 3 Randy Scott, Chet Alexander, Dave Hornikel, Matt Aber
'B' MAIN Keith Berner, Mark Smith, Chester Elliott, J.R. Gentry, Jim Gentry, Gary Hensel Sr., Eric Myers, D.J. Miller, Benny Lester, Bruce Miller, Eric Eicholtz, Rick Moore, Jim Cushing, Rocky Owens, Gary Drielbelbis, Andy Coblentz
FEATURE Duncan, M. Aber, Flory, Markham, Scott, Hornikel, Drown, Hensel Sr., Uhler, Maffett Jr., J.R. Gentry, Elliott, Smith, Berner, Alexander, Bond, B. Aber, J. Gentry, A. Baker, T. Baker

HEAT 1 Jud Dickerson, Ray Miller, Ed Brenneman, Mason Radcliff
HEAT 2 Craig Fry, Tony Cline, Bill Goerz, Bill Mortimer
HEAT 3 Ed Carpenter, Terry Adkins, Barry Spreng, Gerald Pyers
FEATURE Carpenter, Fry, Fields, Spreng, Brenneman, Mortimer, Maffett, Asbury, Pyers, Haynes, Radcliff, Butler, Medley, Miller, Goerz, Yerian, Dorner, Rose, J. Dickerson, Cline, Clark, S. Dickerson, Adkins

HEAT 1 Mark Adkins, Todd Stitzlein, Bill Buehler, Dale Beckett
HEAT 2 Don Shifflet, Roger Rush Sr., Jim Gerbasi, Brian Dawson
FEATURE Shifflet, Rush Sr., S. Rush, Stitzlein, Britton, Adkins, Coblentz, Beckett, Buehler, Miller, Dawson, Herritt, Gerbasi, Daugherty, Evans, Keller, Elliott Sr., Tyson, Kaiser

HEAT 1 Jeremy White, Steve Miller, Glenn Elliott Jr., Brad Hensel
HEAT 2 Zero Walter, Jimmy Hites, Richard McCune, Dan Drown
HEAT 3 Roger Rush Jr., Josh Miller, Ricky Moore, Zach Medley
'B' MAIN Ellis, Ruckman, K. Rush, McClure, Frey, Jacobs, O'Rouke, Sines, Rohr, Knipp, Gallion, Gray
FEATURE Miller, Drown, Elliott Jr., Hites, Hensel, Rush Jr., Moore, White, Clantz, Ja. Miller, McClure, Stammes, K. Rush, O'Rouke, Jo. Miller, Sines, Jacobs, Frey, Ruckman, McCune, Medley, Ellis, Rohr, Knipp

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